Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red Team: New Facility, New Hope

By: Tiarra Gadsden, Cori Orcasitas, Leda Costa

Through the eyes of a child, a hospital can be a disinfected nightmare, but thanks to donations and other revenue sources, Shands at the University of Florida will soon be opening a new Pediatrics ER. The goal being to provide the best dedicated care, the new facility is designed specifically to deal with a child’s needs including the emotional toll of visiting a hospital and potentially being diagnosed.

With its calming nautical theme, colorful fish tanks, and high tech equipment, this new wing is a resourceful and child-friendly environment. Only under construction for a year, this under the sea renovation will have kids running in for shots.

Kim Faenza stated the nautical theme was chosen for its gender and age neutral calming effect, and also the fact that it can help distract kids from the reality that they are in a hospital. The patient rooms, as well as the medical rooms, are lined with bright, happy ocean-like colors and amiable sea creatures which help take away from the equipment children normally find uncomfortable or frightening.

With new and improved themed Pediatric ERs coming into trend, Shands is proud to open up a hospital wing where children can walk in with a smile on their face.

Shands Pediatric ER not only provides a cheerful atmosphere but also state of the art technology. This facility includes a state-of-the-art radiology suite with low dose radiology equipment designed specifically for young patients.

Private X-ray rooms, decontamination showers, and observation rooms with 24 hour supervision all house the ER’s advanced technology. The new, no-fear technological progressions are just what this propitious new facility needs.

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