Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red Team: Kids Find Nemo While Doctors Find Cure

By: Jordan Sanders & Audrey Zipperer

The huge tanks crowded with exotic fishes, the port-hole windows on every door, the specialized bathrooms for small children, and the large TV’s in every room. All of this is part of Shands new children emergency room, but where exactly did the funding come from for this luxurious project?

With $1,088,000 in donations, this new ER project was practically flung through a slingshot into its renovation. The biggest supporter of Shands Pediatric ER was the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation. Sebastian Ferrero was a three year old little boy who died at Shands Hospital in Gainesville as a result of medication overdose, followed by a series of preventable medical errors. In result, his parents founded the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation to raise awareness of how hospitals care for children. They donated $500,000.

Another large supporter was the Children’s Miracle Network. This is a non-profit organization that avidly raises money for children’s hospitals. They have raised over 4.3 billion dollars overall as of 2011.
These children are now going to benefit greatly from the renovations that are taking place. Even something as simple as a dolphin on a bedroom wall can make all the difference in a child’s outlook on their situation.

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